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Foto’s expo#2 : Manon æ Renée van Trier

Animatie Manon van Trieranimatie Manon van Trier


expo#2 : Manon æ Renée van Trier

Manon and Renée van Trier will work on new experiments during their working period from 16 till 23 December. They are sisters and also related to their father, but not to the moviedirector.

Opening: Wednesday 23th of December

door open > 19.00

performance renée > 20.00

Manon van Trier is a multi disciplinary artist. She uses a wide arsenal of visual means to escape the absurdity of the world that surrounds us. The impossibility of escape leads to tragic comic images that really don’t want to be tragic or comic.

Renee van Trier is an artist who observes sharply. She plays with different media, like video, photography, performance, and music. Her work exists of intuitive reactions on the imagery of the world. The sculptural form of the body is an important subject in her work.

Tæt is onderdeel van het Bossche Makershuis